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What ever your shipping needs require, we have the Carriers available to keep your freight in motion!

Less Than Truckload/LTL Services

Whether you need something shipped across town or across the country, if the shipment doesn"t require an entire truck"s worth of space, why pay for it? With less than truckload services from Freight In Motion Brokerage Ltd, you can experience the same security and efficient service, at a price that suits your budget and shipment size.
If you"re a business owner and in need of less than truckload (LTL) shipping services, look no further than our qualified staff.

Lumber Trucking

Freight In Motion Brokerage Ltd is a brokerage company specializing in the transportation and delivery of lumber and timber. Lumber and timber transportation requires a highly specialized workforce that knows the ins and outs of the lumber industry and has the ability to handle the complex organizational components of this kind of transport. Our fleet of lumber and timber delivery trucks will get your load where it needs to be on time and on budget. We have years of experience providing lumber and timber trucking that our clients can count on. We have the expertise that is necessary that ensures that your freight is secure and that delivery is efficient, seamless, and done according to plan.

Specialized Services and Heavy Hauler Equipment

Our flexible flatbeds Carriers have the capacity to haul heavy loads and pallets. Accessible load floors and solid posts ensure your lumber is secure during short or long hauls. To facilitate easy loading of your timber, Freight In Motion Brokerage Ltd uses high powered log loaders with large capacity grapples that can accommodate a variety of load sizes. The qualified dispatching of our specialists permits expedited shipments and supports freight that is on strict time constraints through our advanced transport technology. Ensure that your load is handled with efficiency and accuracy with personalized service from Freight In Motion Brokerage Ltd’s close-knit team of dedicated professionals.

Machinery and Heavy Equipment Transport

We specializes in performing jobs that not all other trucking companies are able to handle. Machinery and other heavy equipment require special shipping considerations because of their significant size and weight. The most important factor in considering transportation options for heavy equipment is providing accurate measurements for the size and weight. This allows us to determine what kind of trailer to use and whether any special considerations or arrangements will be necessary. For more information on heavy equipment transport, contact us today.

Refrigerated Transportation

We provide refrigerated transportation services. Our clients are businesses and organizations from multiple industries, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers. When dealing with temperature-sensitive shipments in refrigerated transport vehicles, efficiency and safety are incredibly important. Here at Freight In Motion Brokerage Ltd, we have the skills and experience to get your goods where they need to be, on time and in good condition. For more information about our refrigerated transportation services, contact us today for reliable delivery of any perishable inventory, or for precise temperature controlled transportation requirements. We guarantee the safety of any shipment for anything from over-sized loads, to secure transport of delicate and fragile goods. Our team of experienced freight specialists customizes a range of specialty services for the shipment types listed above and other goods that require specialized handling including:

  • • Frozen foods
  • • Heated products
  • • Blanket wrap
  • • Specialty flatbed shipments
  • • Fresh produce
  • • Non-hazardous waste
  • • Farm and forest products
  • • Recyclable materials
  • • Sand and gravel
  • • Climate controlled and box and pallet goods
  • • Expedited services

Dry Van

Ideal for a range of industries including farm supplies, feed manufacturing, consumer goods and co-operatives, Freight In Motion Brokerage Ltd dry van services extend throughout the Cambridge region and beyond.


Our flatbed trailer services are customized according to your needs for moving farm equipment or raw or finished farm goods of any kind.

Livestock Expertise

A relationship with Carriers of well-maintained tractors and tri-axle livestock trailers can handle substantial weight for local and cross-border transport. Our Carriers and their fleet are operated by fully trained, licensed and experienced drivers who are committed to animal safety and well-being.

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